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Guten Tag!

As my first foray into the wide world of web words, there is little enticing or exciting about this post.  Perhaps the exciting this is that I can use this space as the lazy man’s letter writing desk.  However, I was hoping for the chance (since my East Coast exodus) to bring back the art of actual letter writing.  Sadly, in my twisted spatial* mind that endeavor would require an actual writing desk–preferably dark wood, a roll top, and a space for my quill.  While on the prowl for such a desk, I have had little luck–not to mention that I am currently (practically) free-riding off of family friends and bringing eccentric furniture into an already fully-furnished house may look strange.  

Then again (and if you can answer me this, I’ll likely have nothing left to say for the rest of my life), what DOESN’T look strange?

*Just to let you know, I was wondering about the spelling of this word, whether it be “spatial,” or “spacial.” In my extensive (aka dictionary.com) research I discovered both to be applicable. Choose for yourself, though I prefer the T. I think it packs more of a punch.


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