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Vail Film Fest

Headed off to to the Vail Film Fest to see if anything interesting might happen.  I’m betting that the most interesting thing I encounter will be  free fruit snacks.  Maybe some boxed wine…


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Names and Changes

What’s in a name? A blog by any other name can be as great.  However, I can’t change the address.  I keep changing the name of this stupid shit, so get your own damn star cross’d lover and deal with it.


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Monstrous Breakfast Food

I wish this were a commercial for KFC*.


*Kennedy Fried Chicken

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Word Up…

Holy crap, CHUTZPAH is an awesome word.  And I mean awesome not only in the sense of American colloquialisms, but also in its true sense.


Not to mention I have found these ridiculously great sites.  Something tells me I’m going to waste a lot of time here.  I love lexicography…

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Man’s Best Friend

My friend Rachel loves big dogs.  Big dogs love Rachel.  I saw this dog, and realized how much I sorely miss Ra, who is also my roommate.  Luckily, she returns tomorrow.  (Hopefully she will run towards me with similar chutzpah)


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Kids With Guns



After a pretty heated, but well rounded argument between friends at the bar last night, it has come to my attention that there are certainly reasons for having guns.  However, coming from a life where guns had no place, I found my side of the story being argued for me by a friend in a similar situation while two other friends took the other side.  I’ve lived in cities my whole life, where I am glad I was not exposed to firearms, but; i have also spent a great deal of time in rural areas of the country where I found the commonality of certain arms appropriate.  That being said, everyone has an opinion (which they are of course entitled to) though I find educated arguments  far more compelling–from either side.


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I adore these pillows:

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