What Do You Think?

What is the largest animal you think you could take down, in its natural habitat, with no weaponry?

Jacques Le Moyne Stag Hunting



Lisa, you are not alone.  Click here and enjoy the possibility of a new religious sect tailored to fatties like you:



Is waking up with the spins… 


Song of the Day

I’m barely alive, here is my resuscitation.  But fucking a’ man, this video makes me want to relive life.  As another person.

I Really Want To Know…

Kohler Purist Hatbox

How many toilets are there in Manhattan?

I’m sick and I’ve been on the couch all day…



I Love You, Lindsay Vail

When I first heard my front door open on a Tuesday afternoon, and then received no response to the frantic “HELLO?!” that I quickly shot into the empty air, I became un peu alarmed.  However, later on when I finally checked on the space between my front door and the screen door there it was–a hot and sexy pandora’s box.  JK, it was just a wonderful box of treats from my favorite horseback National Geographic Narrator.  Anyway, back to that sexy pandora’s box… aside from stinking like shit from the $ air freshener, it was full of necessary treasures, including the nightlight that looks like a dildo:

Box O Goodies 


So here’s to you Vail, GET SOME!

Get Some